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hello guys!!! welcome to my site, the other world in your mind, different with your real world. You can share your story in here, make your days, brightness than yesterday, and you`ll find many thing, which make your imagine can come true. Like a rainbow, colorfull, atractive, wonderfull, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, terrific, adventourous, and certainly, you will smiley always.


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Jumat, 24 Juli 2009

there is no friend!!!

but i`m in here alone, there is no friend. I am only a girl with 1000 less, i can`t do anything my self, although some like that I only help with my pure heart I don`t hope anything, but alll of them look me as people who haven`t anithing, they won`t to accompany me and never will to talk to me. they only remember me if want help

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