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hello guys!!! welcome to my site, the other world in your mind, different with your real world. You can share your story in here, make your days, brightness than yesterday, and you`ll find many thing, which make your imagine can come true. Like a rainbow, colorfull, atractive, wonderfull, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, terrific, adventourous, and certainly, you will smiley always.


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Kamis, 27 Mei 2010


because of you...... maybe 6 years ago, we have met at competition in your junior high school. And I never know we can meet again
in this chance. yes, actually I better choose your brother, but I
never know till today, after 4 years ago never met him again. I forgot him At celebrated Earth day,
in the morning, I met you again, with you. At the first sigh, at the moment,I feel I have ever look you, but slipped for my mind
and then the second sight, I try to remember you.
and I aware you are him, and you at 12 grade. Oh I wanna to know
you more, but when, Oh maybe your brother can meet me
again in other chance. Oh God I got your spirit again
make me more spirit to do my activity. and if I
rememberong him, I feel flirty, can smell
and like a crazy girl. Yeah i know, love at the first sigh.
Ok ok no problem you make me little confuse,
but you make me more concious that in my environment. all
boy there is no like you, I proud with you, social student
I wait second chance can meet you.
basically our located near, not to far.
But I don`t know feel very far. Maybe because
we never meet frequently.
....and if your wings of love can landing in my heart,
allowed me to make frame your love in my heart. Love that you
gave for me. I always keep it....till my heart move to
the other feel, in other people, another you
.::A::. always remember, your self. Don`t care me
just ignore your feel because it`s not nothing think.
only ornemanetal your mind, just entertain you
with simply thing, from your secret fans....

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