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hello guys!!! welcome to my site, the other world in your mind, different with your real world. You can share your story in here, make your days, brightness than yesterday, and you`ll find many thing, which make your imagine can come true. Like a rainbow, colorfull, atractive, wonderfull, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, terrific, adventourous, and certainly, you will smiley always.


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Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010


this house believe that, this house should be banned..........
We absolutaly disagree with the motion today that......
where is the team split, what your limitation, bla bla bla.......
smakin hari akan semakin penuh dengan bualan-bualan yang menghancurkan benteng pertahanan, padahal sejatinya benteng tsb yg buat kita sendiri lalu kita coba menghancurkannya sendiri. Karena ini sebuah permainan maka kita diperbolehkan mengambil hal yang tidak real, tapi rasional dan logis, (pye jal).
Dan yang pasti kita mencoba untuk menggunakan jurus sok jagoan sok profesional (macak wong yes) tapi tetep eksis. Hah that's difficult for me basically, but it's time to try it, bcoz this is the last time try to prove all of you that is me, can be what you mean, Be brave, stronger than the other, and make world know, great effort plus pray to God equally successful. Now let me deliver my argument, the Government said that.......
Yah itulah sedikit kutipan cerita dibalik layar abu abu, yang berdasar pisau analisa, mengambil prinsip teoritis, dan tetap membawa nilai-nilai sosiologis aktual bla bla bla dengan bukunya..........
(wes emboh, isin )

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